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Whether you are starting up your first website or updating an existing one, look no further than Digital Designs.  Our experience and dedication will be evident in the professionalism of our work and the website we will design for you.  Call Dawn Axcell at Digital Designs today for a free consultation and open your doors to the world of the Internet!

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Is your business online?  What about your competitors?  When you have a website, your business is available 24/7. A website will provide information about your products and services at all times of the day or night.  In 2007 there were over 22 million Canadians—over 67% of the population—are on the World Wide Web.  That is an increase of 10 million people from 2000.  More and more Canadians are using their computer to get information about products and services right in the comfort of their own home or office.  As time goes on, this trend will continue to increase.  As more and more business come into the online market, more and more consumers are going to take advantage of those services and conveniences.      

 Don’t miss out on this increasing market of online shoppers.  Whether you are running a business office or retail store, having a presence on the Internet is crucial to survival in today’s marketplace.  The Internet is a very competitive place and it is important that you don’t give you competition an edge by not having a website.  Think about how often you consult the Internet for information.  Now is the time to setup a website for you business.  Don’t delay, give Digital Designs a call today and find out how to become part of this ever growing market!      

Getting Started

Starting up a website is a very simple process, and with Digital Designs we do all the work for you so you can focus on what’s most important—your business.  Digital Designs will register your web address and completely design and implement your site.  You only need to provide the information for the site and we will do the rest!  Digital Designs offers over 10 years combined experience in web design and computer graphics ensuring that we will produce a website that is both functional and professional.  Also, with our free consultations we will work closely with you to get the site you are visioning  for your company.  We understand that starting up a website can be a big step, and we are here to make that step as positive and easy as possible.

Don't Forget the Maintenance

Quite often a website is published and then forgotten about.  How often do you browse around the Internet and discover out of date information?  This is frustrating for the site’s visitor and it portrays an unreliable and unprofessional website.  Maintenance is a critical part of having a website.  Not only should the content be updated, but graphic layout and colors should be changed from time to time to keep the site looking fresh and maintain the visitor’s interest.  With Digital Designs, we offer several maintenance packages with our web site designs.  This will give you peace of mind that your site will not get old and stale.  Our maintenance packages vary from monthly updates to annual updates to accommodate a variety of needs and purposes.  Once you have your website set up on the Internet, don’t just forget about it.  Update it, change it, and re-fresh it with a maintenance package from Digital Designs!

Already Have A Website

Do you already have a website?  Does it have outdated information?  Is the design antiquated?  Draw clients back to your site by letting Digital Designs update its content.  A new design for you site may be just what it needs to gain back your Internet presence and give you an edge over your competition.