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Taking advantage of our one-on-one, personal in-home tutoring is easy. Schedule an appointment by giving us a call. In home tutoring can be during the day or in the evening at your convenience. We will work with you and your schedule. Book your appointment today and discover how you can start using your computer to its full potential!

Learn how to use your computer to its full potential

Dawn from Digital Designs has been teaching people how to use their computer for over ten years. With in-home lessons on your own computer, the lessons become personalized just for your needs. Why go to a classroom and learn about a bunch of programs that aren't even installed on your computer - programs you will probably never use? It is much more practical to learn how to use YOUR programs that are on YOUR computer.

Become More Familiar with the Internet

The Internet has become a vital part of today's lifestyle. It has an essential role in our everyday lives. The Internet can be used for searching for and locating information. The information that can be found on the Internet is vast. Learn about history, other parts of the world, entertainment, news and much more. The Internet is an endless source of information and is a tool that can be an asset to anyone's lifestyle. Get the latest new information, find out about your favorite stars, meet people from all walk of life. Learn how to download from the Internet or how to chat with programs such as MSN or Yahoo.

You've heard about them, but how do they work

You've, no doubt, heard about MySpace, Facebook, U-Tube, and other poplar web sites but just how do they work? How do you setup an account? Digital Designs can help. I will sit down with you and help you become familiar with these websites and others. Get back in touch with old friends on Facebook or view hundreds of videos using U-Tube. The possibilities are endless and with help from Digital Designs you will become an Internet pro!

Stay in Touch with E-Mail

One of the most common uses for a computer besides the Internet is using E-Mail. E-Mail is a method of communication where you send messages back and forth between friends a family. Besides normal typed messages, you can also send pictures, video and other types of files. Wouldn't it be great to see photos of the Grandkids or nieces and nephews even if you live miles apart? Learn how to use E-Mail to provide a means of sharing your life with everyone in your life no matter how far apart you might be.

Computers are for more than the Internet & E-Mail

Although the most common uses for a computer are Internet and E-Mail, there is so much more you can do with it. Digital Designs will teach you about all aspects of your computer. Learn how to use your digital camera, printer and/or scanner. Learn how to use program such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint. Training is also available in other programs such as Simply Accounting, Corel WordPerfect, Quattro Pro and Presentations.

Get Organized

Do you have a bunch of photos, music and/or other files on your computer? Is everything all mixed up and stored in one big folder? Do you have a hard time finding things? Digital Designs can help. Learn how to create and use folders to better organize the data on your computer. Your computer has a wealth of information and data stored in it, make it organized so you can find things more efficiently. A little organization can go long way in improving your computing experience.

It's never too Late to Learn

It's never too late to learn how to use a computer. The first person I ever taught was 78 years old. He never touched a computer before in his life. He learned very quick and after a few sessions was very proficient. Whether you are a first time computer user or someone who's looking to further their computer knowledge, Digital Designs can help. Give Dawn a call today and discover how you can start using your computer to its full potential!